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"Bondage Fantasy" (web movie only) 10 new lengthy clips just added!

Private Sessions footage. Filmed by Mistress Morgana, and cameo appearances by Irene Boss. Mistress Anastasia orders an unknown slave to strip in the Interrogation Room. He is inspected and spanked. Irene walks in to take a look and make a couple of comments. Mistress Anastasia wears a very short tight black leather shirt, pantyhose, leather jacket, and sky scraper high open toed platform fetish shoes. She bends over often in front of the camera and hollers at him often. The slave is forced to crawl up the stairs, and is next placed on the wheel in the Gothic Dungeon to receive nipple play and predicament bondage cbt - positioned sideways and upside down. He is placed in near suspension for more edge play with a pin lined cock sheath, and receives a good dose of the violet wand. On the bondage mat, he is plugged with the heel of her shoe, and made to wear a punishment bra with sharp internal spikes. Irene walks in again to find him in the sling, and while he is blindfolded she whispers something in his ear about a golden shower. His edge play continues and he begins to cry out. He is then placed in the Nova Pro devise for suggestive hypnosis, voice activated cbt electroshock, and strap on sucking. Every time he moans from sensations he has to feel it in his cock! He is taken into the medical room and placed in a straight jacket on the bed. His legs are suspended, and he receives strap on play. The scene ends with his spontaneous cumbustion.

More silly Boss Comics...the Deconstructivist escort!

Boss Comics

Yooky and disgusting beards and moustaches. Shave it off NOW LOL - 7 humiliating pics...

Got the winter blahs? Then it must be time for a sea cruise...bon voyage!

                    Shame on you!

You missed Mistress Kat of Columbus! She was here December 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 26th. Many photos, stories, and video clips with her in action are in the members area.

New equipment goodies! I just got back from Berlin Germany and loaded up on thousands of dollars worth of new electrical equipment for the studio!

25 images high resolution images from the brand new video "Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz"

The first sequence filmed by Irene Boss, and the second sequence is filmed by Betka Schpitz. Realistic session footage - very spontaneous. The Ladies had a field day with Josie! After being christened with a new name by Domina Betka Schpitz, Josie is dressed in a very provocative and slutty outfit with exotic make up and heels. Betka then takes Josie into the schoolroom so she can try out Irene's new signal whip on the bitch. Josie is bent over the punishment box and is severely thrashed. Irene also jumps in to apply a few lashes. You can hear Irene and Betka talking and making comments throughout. There is a hilarious segment where Betka forces Josie to suck cock while Josie's ears and nose are clamped. The second sequence feature Irene administering extreme electro play to an upside down Josie's genital and nipple area. Josie is then suspended right side up for some whipping, and the scene winds down with DT in the sling after electro toy treatment. Betka then administers a good caning to Josie, who cannot escape. 5 new clips - 5 minutes each - in 2 speeds for 56k and DSL or high speed connections:

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