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A best selling DVD "Internment at Studio Avalon" 

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Dom Boss hi definition theatre! Filmed at studio Avalon in Berlin Germany! Irene Boss and Lady Marlon terrorize a slave in one of the top FemDom studios in the world. You will drool over this equipment! Our "prisoner" finds out what's in store for him after flying out from America to visit Irene while she is in Germany. He is placed on a stage in front of hundreds of screaming Germans at the Venus Fair during a live S/m show, and then the next day he was asked to be in this web movie. What a life! Hey - you follow the Boss - you get "used". He is whipped, cropped, electrocuted and placed on 2 very interesting pieces of bondage furniture - one a tall wall that spins, and the other a rotating table that he is hung from. Eventually the Ladies tire of him, and inter him in a large standing coffin and go off for a lengthy lunch. Leather and whips galore! Gorgeous corsets and sexy boots. Don't you wish it was you?  More whipping DVDs by MIB

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"My Big Greek Pain in the ass"

"A Fetish Thanksgiving"


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A best selling DVD "slave no mercy's Bachelorette special" Order Now Get totally entertained by this lulu this holiday season. Before there was Jackass there was slave no mercy. Starring slave 'no mercy', and a cameo with Mistress Morgana. A 'must have' for your Dominant fiancé. This video will truly put to shame anything you could possibly show at those stag parties. Be careful though - She might learn something and use it against you. This video is actually a compilation of hilarious 'no mercy' vignettes, with emphasis on the holidays. At least I am making some money off his worthless pathetic ass for wasting my time! Footage of a phone visit with Mistress Morgan is also included. Extremely humiliating, and definitely not for the novice or faint of heart.. DT, splooging, bad singing, dancing and horrible poetry by slut no mercy. $29.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

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A best selling DVD "Sissy for Morgana" Order Now


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Mistress Morgana gives sherri an important lesson in corporal. Cross dressed sherri is disciplined with the paddles and cane over the punishment box and horse. Intensely verbal throughout. Ms. Morgan in short black 'cocktail style' dress, bare legs, and sexy open toed black patent leather strappy high heels.

$19.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)


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A best selling DVD "Bound at the Compound" Order Now

A good example of a Mistress giving some positive reinforcement and praise to a submissive cross dresser. 'slut sherri' gives it up to Mistress Anastasia in this cross dressers/bondage lovers fantasy dressed in a tight red rubber dress and matching ponytail hood with heels and stockings. Mistress Anastasia in sleek red PVC with matching ankle boots. slut sherri is trained in the standing stockade and endures cbt, nipple play and spanking. Mistress Anastasia takes possession of sherri's 'pussy'. A trip to the sit sling where sherri is placed into predicament rope bondage for more cbt and nipple play follows. Mistress Anastasia then decides to place sherri in near suspension. The video ends with sherri orally worshiping Mistress Anastasia's black strap on and red ankle boots.

$29.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Members - Read this before it goes live elsewhere!  HotMovies interviews Irene for BossVOD.Com!

Streaming Boss theatre - many titles not viewable anywhere else!


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A best selling DVD "Jayne's Sex Change" Order Now

Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and Irene Boss teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping 'her' mouth. Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where 'she' is forced to strip in front and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times). Jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with 'her' arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make 'her' watch with virtual reality glasses, while 'she' takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. Clinic: The 'sex change' begins, with some intense cleaning to 'wash away the man'. jayne's tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her 'pregnancy' and 'period'. There is much nipple play and cbt. Gothic Dungeon: jayne's 'treatment' ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with 'her' poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out.

$19.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)


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A best selling DVD "Tickle Treat Smell My Feet" Order Now

Little johhny made a tremendous mistake when he was given money to buy shoes. Instead, johhny went to Victorias Secret and bought something for himself. After a 'discovery' and some intense verbal discipline from Mistress Morgana, he is soundly spanked with a skanky slipper and forced to study Mistress Anastasia's feet. The Ladies then make him strip, and 'model' the nasty 'used' shoes he bought at Goodwill. They decide a tickle punishment bondage regimen is in order, along with some foot smothering/sniffing at the end. Tight ropes, and large scale custom built bondage furniture while Mistress mercilessly tickles his feet with her long nails and he cannot move an inch!

$19.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Member's Writing! "A visit to Dr Boss" by patientsub of the FemDomSCene.Com messageboard

I had been anticipating this session or several months. Today was the day. I prepared myself by shaving myself and thoroughly cleaning myself inside and out. I pick out what I would wear, and waited for the time. After a small lunch I parked near Mistress's Compound. Arriving early, I tried to read the paper in my car, but I could not focus on anything but the possibilities to come. When the hour came Domina Boss let me in the outer door. She did not say a word, but simply opened the door for me and walked away- I quickly followed. As we proceeded down the hall she remained silent. I struggled to keep up with her long stride and moved even with her in the hallway, only to hear the first words from her, “walk behind me.” Abashed I slowed my pace and fell in behind my Mistress to her amused smirk. Following into the entryway without a greeting, I was immediately told to stop and a large blindfold with eye cups (a “mindfold”) was placed on me. Dr. Boss told me that my psychiatric treatment would begin immediately with the stripping away of my senses. She told me that I was only to address her as Doctor. From behind, She grasped my upper arms firmly and maneuvered to where she wanted me to stand and directed my undressing. Watch, shirt, pants, shoes, t-shirt, socks and underwear were taken off only at her direction and unseeingly handed out to her. There was something humiliating about handing out your underwear and sweaty socks to someone you can’t see. Unseeing, separated from my clothing- but not yet bound, I still could go nowhere. I had been quickly and efficiently placed under Her control. She then maneuvered me into the room and had me back up and sit on a vinyl-upholstered bench or couch. She removed the blindfold and quickly placed over my head a rubber hood, fitting a mouthpiece between my teeth. She sealed the hood on me so I was once again in darkness and now could only breathe through the tube in my mouth. The hood was then inflated and I felt the pressure on my head increased. Dr. Boss then explained that this was a re-breather hood that had an air bag she could attach and then I would only breathe the air she provided. To demonstrate I felt her attach something to my mouthpiece and my breathing immediately became restricted. As I breathed in and out, my exhaled CO2 mixed with the air and my breathing came faster as I soon was feeling a lack of oxygen. She refilled the bag with her own breath, and I was dependent on air from my Mistress, given by my Mistress, to live. Read the rest here

 110 minutes.

Multiple scenes!

"My Big Greek Pain in the Ass" Order Now  FREE TRAILER

The Greek patient has an appointment at the CBT clinic of Dr. Boss. He is put through many procedures including electroplay, sounds and chastity. He is straightjacketed and mouthy throughout but Dr. Boss prevails in controlling him. Me think thou doth protest too much! Goat boy is then teased mercilessly with fragrant foot worship. His suffering lent fetish is discussed plentifully. Dr. Boss threatens his ass. Mistress Persephone teases the slave with her gorgeous thigh high leather boots and black leather outfit. Irene is filming and giggles constantly. He is made to lick Irene's ass sweat for his dinner off a couch. His nipples are trampled with long boot heels. Irene lends a foot to his stocking foot smothering. He gets a good whack in the face for his insubordination and soon winds up tied down to the bondage couch for foot CBT domination and calf locks. It's time for a caning. He is then moved to the jail cell for foot worship. Madame Nadine takes control of the miscreant with boot adoration, bondage, verbal admonishment and foot smothering. Hilarious bonus scene at the end with all 3 Ladies!

$29.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

"Fetish Thanksgiving"  FREE TRAILER

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55 minutes.
Presenting Domina Gael of Spain in Her video debut with Irene Boss and MIB Productions. A cornucopia of plenty and someone is plenty horny.

Turkey Footsucker gets stuffed with the entire produce section of the grocery store in this Thanksgiving extravaganza!

The action is playful and surreal with gas masks, full latex, body bags, vac beds, fetish boots, extreme makeup and sexy pantomime games.

The Ladies do voiceovers for much of the dream like action.

4 scenes!

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