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"Cry and Squirt for Me!"

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Irene Boss takes charge once again in this rope bondage/suspension extravaganza, featuring Babee Kat, a big breasted fresh faced "Betty Page" look a like. Multiple scenes include three suspension positions; seated, horizontal and standing head harness. Witness Irene's beautiful breast bondage, rope corseting and knots galore. Watch as the electric hoist raises the more than ample bottom of the vivacious vixen to the waiting paddle of the Boss. Squirm with Babee Kat as her swollen clitoris is vibrated to orgasm in several hot inescapable positions. Her voluptuous mammaries are then flowered with clothespins as Irene makes the poor girl cry with pain and squirt for joy in this sexy, salacious and sensual film.

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Ms Boss personal galleries updated!


Ms Boss visited DC December 27th - 30th


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"Electric Thunder from Down Under"

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Welcome to CBT Clinic of the Diabolical Dr Boss and visiting Clinician Ms Servalan! A patient is on the gurney at the Compound South. The electrical examination includes the following treats: Bipolar electric nipple play, a sado massage with electro therapy gloves, C&B with an electric butterfly board, a microphone hook up for voice activated shock, an electro ball vice and crusher, an electric humbler, bi polar electric nipple vices, many shock boxes and their long lovely nails constantly touch and tease. The Ladies wear luscious rubber and leather ensembles with sexy shiny pantyhose and stiletto heels. Enjoy the long lingering glances up and down their legs. Ms Servalan sensuously spits into the slave rubber hood while he is shackled in heavy steel restraints on the motorized hospital bed. It's time for your checkup!


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The Korruption of Angela!  45 minutes

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Coral Korrupt and Angela's debut on DVD! Our story begins with Angela secretly admiring Irene.s video collection sprawled on a luxurious gothic king size bed in the Compound's punishment boudoir. Hearing Irene and Ms. Coral ascending the stairs prompts an attempt to hide her visual vice. Irene and Ms. Korrupt enter the bedroom with Pravda and pomegranate cocktails in hand with a relaxing, reclusive slumber party in mind. Girl talk, a bit of footsy and a chaotic pillow fight follow. Angela's not so closely guarded secret is soon discovered and the two dominant ladies have their way with the tanned, hard bodied tart. Stripped of her clothing, saran wrapped, girl tossed and tickled, Irene applies the. Hitachi Magic Wand. to Angela's soon to be invaded glistening wet pussy. Ms. Korrupt inserts one, then two fingers with well metered thrusts, then smears the camera lens with the fresh love juice as Angela continues to cum. The "Hitachi", now in the hands of Coral, continues to work its magic on the willing wench, now on top of topless Irene, passionately making out. She cannot wait any longer... Ms. Korrupt drives her well mounted strap-on deep inside Angela's eager beaver, humping and grinding while her more than ample breasts are kissed and licked by Irene's talented tongue. The Boss takes over from behind in this finisher, as Angela is fucked royal from both ends, also sucking on Ms. Coral's stiffy to the delight of all. Angela makes her video debut and cums many times in this very sexy and entertaining "all girl" action movie. All ladies in satin pj's.


Mistress Rebecca Knox visited the Pittsburgh Compound December 27th - 30th