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"The Disorderly Orderly"

47 minutes!

Dr. Boss has captured an escaped disorderly inmate while in San Fransisco and transported him the the State's medical Asylum. We find him sequestered on the stainless steel OR gurney awaiting procedures. Authentic locking medical restraints, dilation, speculum examination, inflatable nozzle enema treatments, nipple play, saline scrotal infusion, vibrating sounds, electric CBT and catheter play. Dr. Boss adds to the psychological POV nature of this film with lots of entertaining and narrative erotic storytelling to seduce subspace. A sensually sadistic scene with a rubber Dom! Filmed at Madame Katorga's studio during the annual Folsum Fair.


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"Milked by the Ma'ams" 59 minutes! Slave hardenough has no idea what he has gotten himself into by volunteering to fly out to the Compound at the last minute to appear in a video with the illustrious Mistress Renee of Philadelphia and Domina Irene Boss. He is bossed into seated suspension electric CBT style including legs spread wide with electric nipple torture, catheter and butt plug. The Ladies have no mercy for his cock and balls. Who would have thought? He receives a punishment on both thighs of tandem birching and caning. He is whipped and flogged while hanging in midair. Ladies in tight rubber mini dresses, hose and heels. LEGS LEGS LEGS. Scene 2 features heavy duty full body restraint, face sitting, crotch sniffing, mouth to mouth spitting, electric cock ring, head bondage, CBT, breast worship teasing and nipple play. He is forceably milked by hand to orgasm by the cunning cougars and made to eat his liquid lunch after a bizarre "deal" he makes with the Boss. Lots of teasing and sexual innuendo, graphic sex and body part talk. HOT HOT HOT for you verbal humiliation whores and dirty panty sniffers. Irene and Renee both in classy see through lingerie for fetishists of panties, stockings, hose and heels, garter belts, sheer robes and open toes shoes. MESS YOURSELVES!  View now   DVD


The Exacting Executrix! 31 minutes

Superior Stiletto Scolding. The Compound's electrical repair slut endures a verbal tirade from an annoyed Boss Lady about the state of disrepair concerning a certain appliance crucial in the Compound's scenes. Retraining is in order for a distracted subbie! Get mesmerized by the slow seductive stills at the beginning of this video lesson with the sound of Ms Boss's authoritative voice leading the way. She is going to use fetish exploration to get you all excited so she can take you upstairs and torture you. There is not going to be any orgasm today for you at all, because you are going to be sent away with blue balls. Learn how to respect the equipment and learn how to respect the Boss. You are going to lick her trade show shoes for lunch today. Suck the steel heels and lick the soles you slut! Listen to the sound of the silky shiny hose and Ms Boss rubs her stocking covered legs together. Where could a heel be stuck? Up someone's ass perhaps? If you don't straighten out you are going to have to suck nasty ass heels, and who knows who's ass they've been in. Ha ha ha! Ms Boss's feet smell better than sex. Watch sexy leg shot stills as Ms Boss discusses all her various whips and what she plans to do with them once she gets you upstairs while you sniff and worship her luscious stocking covered tootsies! Ms Boss discusses in great detail what she is seeking in a foot slave. A submissive masochistic fetishist is a very rare find indeed. It's time for a bi polar electric nipple treatment on the 3rd floor CBT chair combined with the nova pro while Ms Boss continues her tempting tirade with a heavy double flogging - a preparation for a solid whipping! Electric CBT combine with the stretching cross and spanking preface a very severe bull whipping. Many bullwhips are discussed and used. Observe the "men-struation"!.

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X Marks the Spot

58 minutes

Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He is forced to wear a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can't do anything about it.

Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather .bite. gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints. While Irene face sits him, Lady X pierces his nipples. The Ladies take turns sticking the needles. The piercings are deep and the Ladies decide to suspend them. His feet are torture bastinado style. His entire body is cropped, whipped, and worked over with various small implements. Now, it.s time to brand the boy! Dave is strapped face down on the table in a straight jacket. His legs are restrained. The Ladies lather up his ass with shaving cream and shave it smooth. Irene draws her OWK coat of arms design upon his left butt cheek with a marker, and the Ladies begin to draw upon the flesh with the (2200 degree) branding pens. Mmmm...smells like steak. Don't try this at home!

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"Over Her Knee" 38 minutes Finally available in DomBoss members! Filmed by Irene Boss in the late 90's. This young man was so naughty, Boss had to step in occasionally from behind the camera and kick him in the ass and apply the cane! Mistresses (Morgana and Anastasia) in long skirts disciplining naughty charge OTK with different implements (paddles, hairbrush) and bare hands. Panty training is forced upon him, as his male underpants were substandard upon investigation by the two Mistresses. Punishment lines are given as an assignment, and he even manages to bungle it, which sends Mistress Morgana in a verbal assault. The positioning of his fanny over the spanking horse makes it incredibly easy for the Ladies to give him everything he deserves, including a stern caning. The charge is a sassy brat who likes to talk back, but does get his punishment and is thankful afterwards. View now  Order DVD



Total Invasion of the Man Ass 33 minutes

CANNIBAL / MEDICAL / ASS fetishes! Filthy, slutty and fucking disgusting. Madame Nadine and Irene Boss are totally out of control in this custom video commissioned by a Northern European BDSM cannibal/medical enthusiast. POV style: The Ladies threaten to eat you after you have been fattened up, and in order to get you ready, you must first be cleansed and infused with WOMEN'S HOLY WATER, because it's a WOMAN'S WORLD. Sit like a girl and wee used woman's holy water, slave. A 2nd generation toilet! In a cage at the slave-cow ranch you will fattened for dining pleasure. It's time to go spelunking in the GIANT ASS MAN CAVE. Enemas and expulsion, examinations and various speculum with lights. Dirty horny descriptive talk. This is so nasty. I'm going to fuck you with a banana you whore. You will be basted, tasted, licked and stuffed with fruit smoothies before being roasted and consumed...not today, but TOMORROW. Watch them lick the mask and the blender too. Filmed by a young lesbian college student. Sweaty pantyhose wet with pussy juice and see thru latex mini dresses.

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"Gimpy get's fingered" 45 minutes

Holy dildo training bat man! BDSM circus theatrics extraordinaire! The scene opens with slave gimpy in a flying suspension leather bondage hog-tie and CBT weighted parachute. He is wearing a custom rubber vision restriction and breath play hood. While he is flying the Ladies have a good time with crops, canes and fingering. Irene then uses not two, but four single tail whips on him -(two in each hand). He howls at the moon! He demonstrates a second rubber breath control hood while being dildo trained; gasping for breath throughout. Irene in red rubber dress, pants and garter belt with leather ankle boots and Gemini in black mini dress and black satin corset with black backless ankle boots. Drool over the outfits, slave! For fans of breath play, suspension and extremely bizarre bondage!

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Members writing: "A Walk on the Bossy Side"

Aug 8 – The Foreplay Begins

Alright, yes, ya-hoo - just passed the first hurdle.  Through the mystical magic of email, I’m on the books with Boss Irene for a session in 2 weeks.  Can I wait?  Actually passing this threshold initiates a steady stream of activities & thoughts that will be part of my daily life for the next fortnight.  Having firmly in my little mind the heady impact of the ~½ dozen previous sessions with the Boss and her emporium of erotic delights, the anticipation of session number XXXXXXXXXX . . later this month lingers on the fringe of obsession. 

Why wax verbose on this phase of the proceedings?  Doesn’t all the good stuff occur during the session?  Most, but I wouldn’t want to miss this period of anticipation/ planning/savoring the actions to come for anything.  Asking for an appointment on short notice would deprive me of this meditational period that is, for me, so delectable.  

What goes into the proper preparation for a visit to the dungeon in the Burgh?  Ah yes, those little tasks at the mall.  First, it is imperative to be properly attired for a fitting meek & mild presentation to The Boss upon arrival, and this means “get thee out there, Missy, for a little shopping”.  While Boss Irene is not demanding on arrival garb, it just seems a proper slut should arrive in the right frame of mind & body – it’s just the right thing to do.  How to accomplish??  First, you make a beeline to those marketplaces not traditionally known to be one-stop eroto-shops e.g., WalMart or Target.  Then you look for the overhanging “lingerie” sign which warns you that your browsing is likely to be male-lonely.  No big – who doesn’t like sharing the deep contemplation with other ladies on what is required to get the bestest apparel to make you feel good & girly??   My favs – go for those panties that are (a) big-time tight and (b) huggy, preferably with a middle seam and built-in crease that fits between those man cheeks.  When those go on, you can just feel the love! Read the rest


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