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Hello I am Ms Irene Boss.

Please adhere to my guidelines in order to be considered. Private introduction via email is the way to discuss an audience with me.

Scene information is available by scrolling this webpage. Please read this entire page before making contact. I am based at The Compound in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and am here through May 3rd, 16th - 31st / June 1st - 4th, 15th - 30th / July 1st - 3rd and 16th - 31st

I am visiting: The Complex in Orange County (My other studio): May 5th - 14th  DC Metro: June 6th - 9th  NYC: June 11th - 12th

I am not available in Pittsburgh May 4th - 15th, June 5th - 14th, or July 6th - 15th

Extended scene special at the Pittsburgh Compound during April.

Returning guests (and/or those who have seen Ms Boss before) are welcome to participate. You may inquire



"Machined to Obey"

45 minutes View here


The first film made in the new Orange County CA space "The Complex" in July of 2015.

Let's have robot sex, slave! Shock Spot, Spanking Machine, and Mechanical Chair. Ms Boss demonstrates all 3 pieces and explains how they help her control obnoxious play partners who enjoy "arriving early or late". POV style filming: very entertaining, educational and humorous. The miscreant is place on a bench and wrapped into plastic bondage for some serious mechanical machine spanking while Ms Boss floggs him (she likes being in more than one place at a time), shock spot drilling, strapon play, whipping and electro!Ms Boss talks about the ridiculous misconceptions he had about her new costume. A very blond, toned and suntanned Ms Boss in metal body armor, black shiny pantyhose and ridiculously high heels!







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            Mistress Miranda visits the OC Complex in California this July!

                             Higher resolution Director's Cut DVD

"The Dickie Leaks" 75 minutes - view now


The government has decided to enlist professional Dominas with a problem that they have been having. There has been a lot of "leaking" recently, specifically of classified information in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Special operatives Domina Irene Boss and Miranda UK Bondage Mistress have been enlisted to help the government. This particular case is a difficult one! He was abducted. He was bound, gagged, tied, placed in the trunk of the car and transported to the Top Secret Pittsburgh Compound for interrogation. Here we find him in bondage on the CBT chair in a leather hostage hood waiting the Boss's ministrations. He will divulge, as Ms Boss is going to use her whip and electricity to gather the information! He is whipped all over his body, and Ms Boss begins with the ring of magnet CBT. Since there are problems with leaks, the DICK should pay! Electrical methods, ass stretching, asshook, strap-on play and corporal punishment are explored. Electrified and flogged with amazing bondage predicaments! A pair of 24 plait shot loaded signal whips are brought out to play! Post orgasm torture will also be employed as he will be fucked with his own cum. When Ms Boss is done, Miss Miranda comes into the room and continues the activities. The British are coming! The search for the "buried hard drive" continues. The Ladies tag team him at the end. Ms Boss and Mistress Miranda are both very creative, inventive, muscular and toned. Strong of mind and body. Hard body Dommes!



Director's Cut DVD sale! 6 DVDs for 200.00 S&H included in the US


New in members: "Electric Whipped Bondage Predicament" 42 minutes Join to view

Brand new never before seen content filmed this year at the OC Complex.

Someone obviously did not get enough over the weekend! After assisting Ms Boss with a trade show, and a double Dom session in California, slave footsucker is still raring to go - so more is more! He is bound to Ms Boss's new CBT chair at the Orange Complex. This one has wheels. She could pull him around by the cock if She wanted to, but she is more interested in electro torture and whipping today. Decked out in rubber with shiny nude pantyhose and open toed black patent leather sandals with severe makeup, she teases him sensuously while she tortures him. Nipple play, scrotal electro, electrical pads, heavy rope predicament bondage, and a tens wand under the sensitive head of his shaft are demonstrated. Ms Boss arranges several very interesting nipple and CBT predicaments. There is a warm up for whipping. She begins with a thigh flogging. Pantyhose leg and foot tease are next followed by thigh and dick whipping. Lots of cock fingernail torture. The nipples are not safe either! The occasional vibrating devise is applied to the cock. Ms Boss decides to have fun with a good old fashioned clothespin whip off with her new dragon tail (by Bob Patterson), while footsucker enjoys his electricity. He is moved to a bondage table for marinated French La Perla panty smothering (Ms Boss had them on under her rubber outfit during the previous scene). An olfactory cornucopia of rubber pussy and ass sweat! He is bound and his cock and balls are stretched and impossibly electrified. Ms Boss is using an electric muscle stimulator for today's CBT torture and the tens wand and also demonstrates amazing predicament nipple play. Ms Boss uses her feet and hands frequently and even sits on him too. Next they visit Niagara Falls and he worships golden bare feet! Join to view



Friends of the Pittsburgh Compound (also available): Rebecca Knox and Madame Ingrid

These Ladies have access to the Compound and are familiar with the BDSM gear on site.

They are available to accompany Me and also conduct their own scenes.

Special Guest: Miss Miranda Middleton at The Complex in Orange County: July 20th and 21st

Special Guest: Goddess Cheyenne at the Pittsburgh Compound: August 17th and 18th


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