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Ms Boss is currently at the Pittsburgh Compound



Ms Boss is in Charlotte North Carolina April 7th - 10th

Ms Boss is in the DC area April 26th - 28th

Ms Boss is in NYC April 29th - May 2nd

Ms Boss is in Orange County May 15th - 18th

Ms Boss is at DomConLA May 19th - 21st


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Ms Thora Nang visited the Pittsburgh Compound March 9th - 11th

She is returning in July!


Ms Boss's yearly Valentine's Day (2017) sexy pantyhose photo shoot. 20 images Only here in members!


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Scene 1: The warm up - Ms Boss is decked out in rubber pants with rubber thigh high boots and a feathered rubber top. She is making her slave wear an inflatable rubber hood with eye holes, and he is on his knees while she inflates the hood with her breath. He begins to drool immediately due to the inner gag attachment. He is placed on the pillory on his back in bondage for some fun! Ms Boss decides to bind him with Japanese hemp rope, which becomes very stiff when it get's wet. The slave is drooling a lot and sweating you see, and his cock is dripping constantly. She ties him into a CBT predicament so every time he straightens his legs he pulls on his worthless cock and balls. Ms Boss calls this "economy in Dominance". Why should she overwork herself? Filmed by Louise D who was visiting. She can be seen in the mirrors occasionally as she films and heard as well. There is quite a macrame rope bondage predicament with extreme nipple play going on! Mistress Irene drinks a large glass of pomegranate juice and announces to the slave what is going to happen when she *filters it. It's time for CBT weight training with a parachute, pinwheel and cock whip!

Scene 2: Changing of the guard - Ms Boss brings his arms down, binds them behind his back and flogs them to bring back his circulation. Mistress flogs the whole slave, even his head! Small penis humiliation from both Ladies ensues. While Mistress unties the slave she lectures him about previous bad behaviors. He is placed in bondage mitts and turned so he is facing the pillory. He receives a flogging.

Scene 3: Sweat Showers - Mistress removes her rubber boots that she has been wearing and showers the naked slave with her rubber leg and foot sweat while he is in the sling. He has a disgusting bellybutton full of sweat. Mistress then decides to put him in a metal chastity device. He is not able to get hard in the slightest due to this predicament.

Scene 4: Serve as a toilet - The slave is on his back on the floor in bondage in the open face toilet/smother box. As Mistress face sits him he is made to worship her rubber covered bottom with his nasty slave tongue and drink her holy water. He receives a few farts as a parting gift.


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