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Hello I am Ms Irene Boss. This is my membership website - DomBoss.Com

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The Fantastic Fucking Four! 40 minutes!



If you are seeking live scene information - please adhere to my guidelines in order to be considered.

Private introduction via email is the way to discuss an audience with me.

Scene information is available by scrolling this webpage (pittsburghdominatrix.com).

Please read the entire before making contact.

I am in Pittsburgh now through February 27th, March 1st - 3rd, and 8th - 31st, April1st through May 1st and May 13th onwards.

Come to Pittsburgh!

I am not in Pittsburgh February 28th - 29th, March 4th - 8th and May 2nd - 12th

I am visiting:

DC Metro: February 28th - 29th

Atlanta Georgia: March 4th - 7th with Goddess Cheyenne (arrange through Her)

Orange County California May 3rd - 11th


Massive updates to only fans page - content completely separate from DomBoss.Com members!



Lots of advance notice for 2021:

BossDVD.Com returns to ANE, AEE and AVN!

BossDVD.Com exhibiting at ANE 2021 (AVN)!
It's been a few years since we attended ANE (AVN), but the gears are beginning to crank it out again!
Over 200 films are sitting in a pelican case and it has recently been opened and they are starting to be edited. We are going to be steadily releasing 4 DVDs every 4 months beginning March 1st 2020. The movies were lensed between the late 90's and also recently (2019) so never before seen content ranging over the last 20+ years will be placed in DVD-5 (The Hollywood standard) Yes DVD-5 (ntsc) will play on all devises with a disc drive and it will have no country code restrictions.
Why are we doing this you ask? Isn't DVD "dead"?
We are doing this because of what is happening with the Internet with regards to erotica. We want our material to be seen. It's more discreet for our fans to purchase a DVD from us or one of our resellers - nothing to sign up for online and no electronic "history". We also made a commitment long ago to put these movies out. So...you are going to see our widgets flying around again and we do love to hear from you about our content!
Please visit BossDVD.Com: http://www.bossdvd.com
If you are in the adult business as a reseller of adult merchandise, do come and visit us at our trade show booth in Las Vegas Nevada January 22nd - 24th. The booth number will be announced soon. We would love to spend time chatting with you!

BossDVD.Com and DomBoss.Com


4 new releases:


By popular request - My need's page has been updated


Yes I have taken the "Quiz" (ha ha ha)
Results: You are often exaggerated and over-the-top in your speech and expressions.

You are a romantic at heart and a natural leader. You are James T. Kirk (Captain) 100%


Director's Cut DVD sale! 6 DVDs for 200.00 S&H included in the US


A listing of the Luscious Ladies in MIB films!

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Lengthy trailers from new DVD releases, full length web movies and full length DVD features.


MIB Productions FemDom DVDs is an industry benchmark standard for Female Domination Films

Boss DVD.Com has presented booths at the Venus Fair (Germany), AEE (Vegas), ANE (Vegas), AVN (Vegas), BondCon (NYC and Vegas), FetishCon (Tampa), FetFest (Maryland), BoundCon (Germany) Black Rose (DC), Diabolique (Philadelphia), Demonia (France), DomConAtlanta, DomConLA, Kink Fest (Oregon), and LA Erotica just to name a few!


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