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New Writing in Members: “irsla’s Excellent Vacation at the Compound. Day 2.”
I arrived at the Compound for Day 2 of my excellent vacation with a bigger bulge in my trousers than Day 1.  However, in this case it was the bird cage chastity device that was creating the bump.  I was eager to have the Mistress release me, but of course I would never ask. I had just a moment to take in the beauty of the Mistress and her steel-heeled red pumps as she directed me to leave my man clothes in the upstairs bathroom and return in only the female attire I was wearing underneath.  I could have gazed on her all day, but refrained because she had trained me to control myself even as I walk through the Compound doorway. I came downstairs wearing hose and a garter belt and of course the chastity device locked onto me.  The Mistress had plans to dress me and soon had me naked except for the cage.  She noted that my lingerie was… (read the rest here)


Vinyl Queen of San Francisco visits the Compound March 13th - 15th!

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Note: The word "cocksucker" is used for verbal humiliation purposes. This is not a "forced bi" video. 15 years in the planning: Ms Boss and the famous *booty from down under* finally get together while She is visiting Sydney at Ms Servalan's Carisbrook. 2 camera amateur shoot.

"The Aussie Cocksucker" 45 minutes  View now


Extreme Sadism and Masochism - Swearing, Spitting, Strapon on Sucking, Whipping, Face Slapping, Facial Abuse and Verbal Abuse. The slave loves it all! On the cross face out with legs spread our adventure begins with nipple play, cock slapping and the whipping of clothespins off the inner arms. Ms Boss engages in cock and full frontal body whipping. He is turned for a nipple bondage predicament in conjunction with more corporal. Very intense and rough treatment of a screaming slave. Ms Servalan sticks her head in the room and ask the players to cool it! Extreme bull whipping of the ass along with bagging (breath play) and caning. Stick out your can! Final scene: A sit sling predicament with bondage and a prince albert piercing, needles, large toys, and vertical and horizontal caning of the ass with spitting and swearing. A golden surprise in the loo and a good vibrating fuck at the end - pierced and milked!

(Filmed by Ms Servalan's slave skott who was in recovery from paintball torture.) Only available online


"The Demise of little richard"

81 minutes  View Now


Scene 1: Watch the infamous Richard 50 get beat up by two girls! The Mistresses begin by assaulting him while he is bound to the floor and forced to look up at them. Irene takes a riding crop to his feet, while Cheyenne flogs his chest. He is blindfolded, and also made to wear the Nova Pro while the Ladies continue their torture. He is face sat by Irene. Clothespins are placed all over his body several times, and the 2 Mistresses kick them off with their open toed high heeled shoes and step on his cock. He is hoisted upside down in a straight jacket for belly punching, and barefoot belly kicking. He is frequently kneed in the stomach and kicked in the balls. Scene 2: Little Richard is placed in the caning stockade in the corporal detention center. The ladies warm him up with a good strapping, tawsing, and paddling. The razor strop, Scottish tawse, evening star, and lady spanker are all put to good use. Little Richard is forced to count during his punishment. He receives a stern caning from both Ladies - first with traditional bamboo canes, then with the carbonite and white lightning implements. He is placed over Cheyenne's knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom paddling while Irene holds his head in between her legs. The Ladies trade places and Irene gives him a very stern and severe hairbrush spanking while Cheyenne holds him still with her legs. Irene gives him 12 bullwhip strikes while he is fastened over the punishment box. Scene 3: Little Richard is suspended by the wrists on his knees and the ladies take turns punching and kicking him in the stomach. They wear pointy toed fetish shoes for maximum sensation. They also kick him with their bare feet simultaneously. For the kicking and punching enthusiast. Order DVD


"The Substandard Cocksucker"

105 minutes  View Now

Why on earth would a slave continue sucking cock in front of 2 Mistresses if he can't even get it properly hard?  Welcome to the world of sexual humiliation!  (The male slave brain works in mysterious ways.)  Slave Monty requests a filmed overnight session with Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini.  Little does he know that the Ladies have decided to invite TS Mistress Jeannine over.  He is broken down with cross dressing, bondage, cbt, speech restriction (clothespins on tongue) and nipple torture.  After a substandard oral performance on Mistress Jeannine's large cock he is forced worship feet while Irene Boss and Ms Gemini take turns punishing his ass.  He receives a whipping while in upside down suspension, gets tormented with an electric cock catheter, and is also strapped and caned.  Lots of heavy corporal! The Ladies have fun with a little breath control and tease the substandard with their stockinged feet and legs, frequently adjusting their garters. The slave is electro dildo trained in a sling and is so desensitized he can't have an orgasm - though why should he get to? Ladies wear fetish (rubber, spandex, corsetry, stilletos and boots) and a short scene with Mistress Jeanine in street clothes.


Long Trailer with Images


Director's cut DVD with explicit scenes

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New Writing in Members: “irsla’s Excellent Vacation at the Compound. Day 1.”
If you ever need a two day vacation that will make you smile for months, I have a recommendation.
My summer vacation began as the Mistress opened the door allowing me into the Compound. She was dressed in a stunning brocade corset that accentuated her sensuous figure and a tight black skirt that suggested control. She had chosen delicate earrings that peek-a-booed behind the sweeping lines of her new hairdo. As I greeted her and tried to take in the full extent of her dominant beauty, I expected to be told to put my shoes in the chest. I wondered if the Mistress would comment on my sparkly black purse and my black bra that showed clearly though my thin white shirt.
Somehow I never learn that the sub should not anticipate. I was ordered (read the rest here)


See what's interesting: Updated wish list - The Serious Kit Milker has arrived!



Mistress Lynn of DC visited November 16th - 19th!

Mistress Lynn says: I have been into the scene for over 15 years. I love all kinds and levels of play. I enjoy new people that are just learning about themselves, as well as those who know their passions. I only do scenes that appeal to me with those I feel a chemistry with. I enjoy getting into the zone with a sub where things just click. We never stop learning, so this is a great adventure.

Mistress Lynn's interests include:

All kinds of role play
All types of Corporal:

Caning, Flogging and OTK Spanking.
CBT/Ball busting and NT
Sissy play and Sissy maid training
Her feet, shoes and boots to be worshipped



One on one scene with Mistress Lynn

Overlap scene with Mistress Lynn and Irene Boss

Double scene with Mistress Lynn and Irene Boss

Extended scene with Mistress Lynn and Irene Boss


An introduction is required if you have not visited the Compound previously.

Introduction to the Compound  pittsburghboss @ gmail . com

(Ms Boss will schedule your scene)

An introductory email needs to contain the following:

Your first and last name

Your City, State and Country

Your age (you must be a legal adult)

A landline or cellular contact phone number where you may be discreetly reached with notice

A few dates and times you are available November 16th - 19th

Your FemDom BDSM areas of interest and your limits

Scene-relevant medical issues / medications
A description of your play style
Your optimal scene length
(Generally 2 to 6 hours)

A Foot, CP (or spanko) scene may be 1 hour


Travels:   DC/DMV January 16th - 19th

Yes my new playroom in LA is all set up!

Travels:   LA: February 16th - 19th


"Rubber Grylz" 60 minutes!

Whispers debut on film. This girl got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to visit the Compound. She told Irene that she was a spanking bottom, but Boss and Anastasia figured out quickly that this girl could take a whole lot more than that. The scene opens with extreme tickle bondage in the sit sling in the Compounds chapel room (in the jail cell area) and progresses into a good old fashioned over the knee spanking and leads to the Gothic Dungeon. The ladies wore sexy rubber costumes, and this was the slave girls first time in a tight rubber cat suit. She loved it! There are some intense moments of double flogging, caning, bondage, upside down suspension and bullwhipping. You will be shocked at what she takes!

View now  







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"Electric Cock Control"

58 minutes!


Irene Boss knows...control the cock - control the man! The human body is comprised of water and muscle, so adding electricity to the mix intensifies the domination. The male slave is restrained on the CBT chair in a leather harness wearing a heavy leather face restraint and on his balls a parachute with custom brass weights.

A good scrotal and ball stretching is in order here. Irene goes to town with the violet wand on the erection preventing metal chastity devise. His thighs are included.

A metal egg shaped electric butt plug is inserted and electric bi polar nipple clamps are applied. He is double flogged and thigh cropped. Irene removes the chastity devise to see how many clothespins she can apply and places the tip of his penis in predicament bondage attached to his head gear.

A very interesting one of a kind electric butterfly board is demonstrated. Many electrical boxes and custom made electrode attachments are put to good use.


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