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You are really gonna get it, and Irene Boss and Goddess Cheyenne know just what to do! Filmed in 2012 and now in members. They are decked out in transparent rubber dresses, pantyhose, high heels and platform fetish sandals. Here is what's on the menu: Bipolar electric nipple play with tension (two different diabolical ideas), weighted electric cock ring, forced fed his own special sauce, electrified scrotal jock, electric pads everywhere, electrified stretching nipple towers and many different boxes, (including Eros tech, Folsom and Pes) and the nova pro system for hypnotic therapy. He is rigged so his noises set off the boxes too and Ladies laugh aplenty. Who better to carry it out on than an electrical engineer? It's time to stretch out the shaft for greater sensitivity and apply long fingernails. Sensual spitting ensues. There is attraction in disgust. The Ladies do not like to waste anything, so the voice and sound settings are used frequently. We must entertain the Guest Goddess! Someone is getting more than they bargained for today and someone is getting the "BDSM shakes". What a workout! Back to bipolar electric nipple clamps and the weighted electric cock ring. Ms Boss get the mechanical girlfriend ready (Venus 2000). The Venus is used on his poor electrified cock, and soon his balls and scrotal sack. They wrap his scrotal sack all the way around the tube and feed his balls down through it  too. You have never seen anything like this before. The mechanical girlfriend never gets tired - unlike a hand, ass, pussy or mouth. Electrified and teased. Devious! Ms Boss is using the Venus for torture in order to elongate the cock with suction, not as a pleasure devise. The Venus is a "hardworking whore" and does not go out to dinner afterwards. What a happy ending (not)!