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"Employee Blues"

28 minute full feature online in members!

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Find out what happens when Irene leaves her 58 year old houseboy alone with a 19 year old intern.

He tries to get over but Missy prevails in controlling him. OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, face slapping, servitude, humiliation and foot worship. Very verbal.

GUEST GALLERY UPDATE - The Ravishing Rivera! 121 images photos from Her visit to the Comnpound!

Members writing! "Chastity Play" by unlocked

I am not sure when I started to jones for Chastity Play. I am sure twelve years of catholic school conditioning about the evils of masturbation and premarital sex has something to do with it. My fascination with the plastic penis protectors that are the CB-Devices (2000 through 6000) started in the year 2000 when “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” did an interview with the creators of the device. Hilarious piece, but it wasn't until much more recently that I decided it was a kink I was looking to explore. I've had a difficult time getting myself matched with a proper D/s playmate. I have found many vanilla women who are more interested in being dominated than Dominating. And for every Dominant woman there is out there it seems like there are almost a hundred submissive guys lining up to grovel. For most of my “active” D/s life I've been a subby without a Domme. Alas, how do you explore Chastity Play without a regular D/s partner? Well, there are some options... Snap the device snuggly around your gentiles. Drop the key into an ice cube tray. It is important NOT to forget to put water in the tray as well. Load it into the freezer. Go to bed.  In the morning you are trapped in the device... for all of about five minutes before your key-sicle melts, which leads me to question this as a viable option. For those of you who still have a sliver of trust in the federal government there is the option of  allowing the US Postal System to be the master or mistress of your key. Snap that plastic cage onto your junk. Drop the key in a self addressed envelope. Mail yourself the envelope and you're locked up for a good day or two. !!!WARNING!!! You do run the risk of the post office loosing your key in the mail. And how do you explain THAT to the locksmith who you have to contact about an escape? Sure the risk adds a tad bit of tension that is what the CB-Device is all about, but it is too self deprecating and too masturbatory. I prefer to have myself put into the awkward and humiliating position of chastity not to put myself into that position. There are keyholders. Women who are willing to hang on to the key and send it to you upon your request, which sounds way too much like topping from the bottom to me. Read the rest in members! 



"Boot Camp"

30 minute full feature online in members!

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2 slaves compete in a contest of hairbrush spanking to see who earns the right to worship Irene's boots! One slave shows up early and gets a good slap across the face! Spanking, caning, and bondage. The special caning stockade and spanking bench are used. Boss in supple skintight black leather. Lobby and schoolroom.

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"The Asylum Of Dr. Boss / The English Patient" - DOUBLE FEATURE Irene Boss and Madame Nadine and presenting Vanessa A beautiful young girl, amnesia stricken, disoriented and delusional, is found by the side of the road and is brought to the "special hospital" for women. Dr. Boss and her assistant nurse Madame Nadine, (aka Cockmommie), are on duty this night. After a brief diagnosis and visual inspection, Dr. Boss and her nurse waste no time in administering a heavy dose of "in-patient" insanity. Procedures include a vaginal and anal finger exam, Nova Pro therapy, electrified metal probing of both orifices with vibrator assistance, and strap-on therapy with violet wand electroshock treatment. Throughout her exam, the troubled lass seems to be imagining all sorts of things, like inappropriate behavior and language coming from nurse Nadine and frequent molestation visitations from "Fucker" the clown. Nasty nurse Nadine also decides to give the unstable girl an examination of her own, when Dr. Boss is out, complete with more fingering and rectum temperature taking. Not responding to the "malpractice" as hoped, Dr. Boss decides that the patient needs to be sent elsewhere for "special treatment". Find out just what that "special treatment is!

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"Mastering the Macho Masochist" - Irene Boss and Mistress Shane Traveling with a slave through Europe is difficult, and Irene decides to stop over for a visit at Mistress Shane's Studio Heaven in Belgium. Slave dave super masochist needs a good working over and there is nothing in this world like the sadistic energies of two Dominant Ladies! In an Equestrienne mood the Ladies decide on jodhpurs and thigh high boots in leather for Mistress Shane and rubber for Irene Boss. Macho slave is placed over the sturdy whipping bench in the upstairs dungeon. The Ladies make a sport of cropping and whipping clothespins off his ass. Upon the standing cross, the slave is forced to worship Female armpits as a reward for enduring cbt with weights, nipple torments with piercing, ball kicking and cock caning. Lastly, the slave earns foot, boot and butt worship. He undresses the Ladies of their boots and sniffs white sweaty socks and sucks sweaty feet clean. He kisses and licks the rubber and leather thigh high boots to perfection. Irene shaves his hairy man ass while he worships Mistress Shane's boots. Ah - all is well again and back to normal!

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"Let 'em eat cock!" Cruising for catholic girls can be fun, especially if your therapist recommends it. Cockmommie is having a mini-meltdown about getting laid, so she calls Dr. Veronica Bitch for an emergency in-home session who advises Cockmommie to get out and find herself some fresh stuff to satisfy her sadistic sexual urges. Driving through the south side of Pittsburgh, Dr. Veronica at the wheel of her Hum V, they come across a religiously ripe specimen for the plucking. Using her psychopathic skills, Cockmommie lures Muffy, with promises of sweets into her car. Now at the Mommie ranch, Muffy is wondering when the candy will be produced. The perverted pair handcuffs Muffy for an assisted walk upstairs. Placed in  jail cell, they tease candy fiend with red licorice and hard cinnamon drops. A birthday party is announced. Whose birthday? Who knows and who cares, Muffy just wants the candy. The lust of the dastardly duo begins to take shape in the way of a light paddling on the perfectly rounded bottom of our delicious damsel. Dirty dancing soon follows as Muffy gyrates and grinds on the Dr., now sporting a pink woody, which is orally serviced; while Cockmommie downs a cocktail and jerks her own junk. Muffy then gets her muffin stuffed six ways to a hot fudge Sunday via the very horny Veronica. Camcorder in hand, Cockmommie records the action for obvious reasons. The flexible fuck-toy is very impressive, especially when she takes Mommies' monstrous meat missile like a champion cheerleader. Liberties taken, a sugary offering is now delivered by way of cake, candles, beads, noisemakers and a tiara for the princess. The party perpetuates into a visual mind bender of brown goo-smeared bodies. The chocolate covered cutie then gets driven from the rear by the Dr., as she sucks on a hunk of fudge covered Mommie meat…but there's more to muffy than just her sweet tooth…to be continued…

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