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What's Happened in November for members?

  • Member's update: Spanking animation .gif

  • Member's update: Humiliation Horror - "Heavy" Update Spectacular! Stuffed turkey with "special dressing". How disgusting! An hour of sheer Dominatrix madness! Filmed in August during Goddess Claudia's (South Florida) visit. The return of "troll boy the ashtray pig" who morphs into "the butt crack pig". Very extreme - he cries on camera!

  • Clip1: You know that 'crack kills' (the smell of nasty butt crack, that is). The slave is forced to strip to the B52's song "Love Shack", butt the Ladies decide he must wiggle and insert the words "butt crack" into the lyrics instead. He then presents gifts to the Mistresses, cigarettes, and a cigarette case. He is verbally humiliated while disco dancing. His male underpants proved sub standard upon the Ladies investigation, so he is forced to wear them on his head with the bacon stripe section in his mouth.

  • Clip2: He is ordered to wear a blinking devil's penis hat, and Irene pulls her pants down. The slave is presented with a lovely chocolate birthday cake. The Ladies light up cigarettes, and blow smoke at the cameras. He is briefly tickled on his feet. He is forced to smell his stinky shoes while Irene blows cigarette smoke up his ass, and flicks hot ashes into his crack.

  • Clip 3: Irene singes his crack hair with her cigarette. The Ladies verbally humiliate the slave in a "singsong fashion" to the B52's, while they extinguish their cigarettes into the slave's birthday cake. (Happy birthday, mr. butt boy!) He is commanded to wear a giant pink plastic dog cone around his neck, which becomes an ashtray ring for the Ladies' smoking fetishes. A pig mask and rabbit ears are added to the ensemble. What a doof!

  • Clip 4: Irene lights cigarettes and blows smoke at the camera in a very sexy manner. "Buttcrack pig" must now earn the cigarette butts by doing stripper tricks with his ass. He performs various routines and songs while Irene cracks her whip at his head. Lot's of smoking!

  • Clip 5: Extreme smoking! The slave sings and humiliates himself, while serving as an ashtray. He is made to bend over and grab his ankles to endure kicking, while he thanks the Mistresses. The Ladies then discuss their philosophy on the origins of "humiliation style" session play. He is verbally taunted about his tiny manhood, and face farting is discussed.

  • Clip 6: Irene aggressively puffs smoke at the slave, and both Ladies decide to have a spitting contest. He must thank them for each portion of their holy saliva. He is instructed to lick their spit from the floor, and his tongue is used as an ashtray, and the slave is belched upon.

  • Clip 7: The dog food slowly comes out of the can onto the paper plate with a sickening whine. Irene spits into the slave's face while Claudia applauds. "Buttcrack pig" must lick every ounce of spit from the floor, and it's finger licken' good! Claudia orders him to eat a cigarette butt dipped in cake frosting. He eats dog food. He gags and wretches, and then he eats that too! Irene and Claudia holler at him. More cigarette humiliation and smoke is blown right at the cameras. Lot's of spitting. Lot's of smoking!

  • Clip 8: The slave is spanked by Claudia with a big metal paddle while he is forced to eat dog food. He continues to gag and wretch, and Irene decides to force feed him with mock motherly sympathetic tones for more humiliation with a sense of false comfort. The Ladies press his head into the dog food with their feet (victory poses), and he begins to cry. The smoking continues. Irene packs the slave's crack with the remaining dog food and smashes some into his face from a paper plate as well! Both Ladies smear dog food into the slaves face with their feet while exclaiming how disgusting it is!

  • Clip 9: The Ladies engage in a smoking and spitting contest. Irene puts her cigarette out in his mouth. He begins to gag again. The Ladies bring out his big birthday cake again and splooge it onto him. He is instructed to rub the cake into his entire body.

  • Clip 10: The Ladies trample the back of the slaves head into a mixture of cigarette butts, spit, cake, and ashes. Irene washes her hands for the one hundredth time. He is spanked again by Claudia with a heavy metal paddle while he continues to eat.

*This web movie was made possible in part by a very generous contribution from the "butt crack pig" (aka troll boy the ashtray pig) and a grant from "The Irene Boss Weight Loss Clinic". Hey humiliation fatties! Fatty fatty two by four! Want to lose some weight? Watch these clips 3 times a day before meals, drink 8 glasses of water a day, (no beer or alcohol), and skip snacks, and I guarantee that you will lose 25 pounds in just a few short weeks!

  • Member's update: 43 Photographs from the web movie ("The Punkin' head slaves") with Irene Boss and Mistress Shane! Watch Mistress Shane and I murder a pumpkin, eggs, and tomatoes, while we talk about you! All the bad qualities about slave are discussed as we take out our aggressions in a positive way on this food! For fans of crush fetish, giantess, strong legs and verbal humiliation. This ones for you. Over 5 minutes long, filmed at Mistress Shane's new studio in Antwerp Belgium. Yum, yum, are you hungry? Riveting! Join now to view.

  • Member's update: Web movie (The punkin' head slaves) with Irene Boss and Mistress Shane! Watch Mistress Shane and I murder a pumpkin, eggs, and tomatoes, while we talk about you! All the bad qualities about slave are discussed as we take out our aggressions in a positive way on this food! For fans of crush fetish, giantess, strong legs and verbal humiliation. This ones for you. Over 5 minutes long, filmed at Mistress Shane's new studio in Antwerp Belgium. Yum, yum, are you hungry? Riveting! Join now to view.

  • Member's update: 2 new FemDom cartoons!

  • Member's update: New Trailers! (Others too naughty to mention here are in members right now!)

  • Member's update: "A martini with the Boss" Still fully plugged it was of to gyn table for me, secured with nylon straps into a precarious position, I was exposed for Mistress Irene’s pleasure. The bipolars re-attached to my nipples more electricity had me singing a tune. A change in the control box Mistress Irene soon had waves of current flowing thru my cock. The waves made my cock as big and hard like never before, Mistress Irene took this opportunity to exercise my pole, she cropped my erection and inner thighs getting the full attention of my worthless worm. Mistress Irene downed another quart of water and shared some with me, spitting a mouthful to my waiting mouth. An incredible sight then followed, Mistress Irene mounted the Martini glass...Click here and join to read the rest.

  • Member's update: "Interrogated by the Military Police"!  "Follow me upstairs prisoner your interrogation will soon begin" sneered Officer Irene. i followed my beautiful captor up the stairs. Stopping at the first landing Officer Irene directed me to worship her boots, i squatted on the stairs and began kissing her soft sexy knee high leather boots. The aroma was intoxicating, her commands undeniable, my pleasure was brief as we continued our climb. Into the Black Room Officer Irene prepared me for my questioning. Secured to the pillory, legs spread with a bar, nipples wired with the bi-polar clamps...Click here and join to read the rest.

  • Member's update: Writing - "A birthday session! Back to the Black Room i mounted the sling... Click here and join to read the rest.

  • Member's update: 73 Photographs from the naughty Halloween Boatride Cruise 2005, with Irene Boss and Company! This one was even better than last years because I got to make out with the POPE.

  • Member's update: 22 Photographs from the naughty Halloween Boatride Cruise 2004, with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid! Don't you wish you had been there? Kneel down and KISS MY ASS!

New: Session "Quick Page" with photos!

Member's update: Brand new trailer from "Rope bondage with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid"  Madame Ingrid’s debut on film! Watch Irene Boss and the Super Vixen Bitch suspend Irene’s slave girl fully clothed and then go at the clothes with a pair of sheers. Very nasty things happen to the slave girl while she is tied, suspended and forced to endure multiple orgasms with a vibrator! Whipping, caning, flogging, clothes pin torture, nipple torture, biting, and spanking. Many different types of rope bondage and 3 different types of suspension are demonstrated. She is very surely throughout and deserves everything she gets. You will wish that you were her while watching this too! Madame Ingrid in corset with knee boots and Irene Boss in rubber cat suit. Order on line  Order phone or mail 

Member's update: Brand new trailer from "The adventures of Johny Utah" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne, house boy, brat Bart, and Johnny Utah. Filmed at the studio of Mistress Jordan in Orange County California. The premise: Irene and Cheyenne are very angry, because they flew all the way out to Los Angeles to make a video with Bart and he has decided that he has retired because he has a new girlfriend! He volunteers Johnny Utah to be his stand in. This is unacceptable. Irene and Cheyenne don't know Johnny. The action: This simply will not do! Irene and Cheyenne decide to tackle Bart and force him to be in the video! They turn Johnny Utah into the camera man. Bart is wrestled to the floor and stripped naked by the two aggressive Dominas, and he is restrained and beat up with boxing gloves too! Bart is strapped to the spinning wheel, and taken for a ride. He faces some serious CBT from the 2 Ladies! This is guaranteed to be one of the funniest moments in BDSM comedy that you will ever see! The Ladies require some refreshment often during this workout, so the slave "house boy" is summoned and humiliated a few times. The ridiculous narration and sarcastic comments from Johnny Utah become so obnoxious that the Ladies cannot stand it anymore, and they finally drag him from behind the camera and conquer him! He is dominated on the pillory with severe bull whipping. His 'business' is restrained to the whipping post. He is caned and spanked over an inverted bondage table. Irene rips his underwear off with her teeth, and whips painful plastic clothespins off his ass. He is still wearing the marks one year later! The finale features worship of fetish shoes,  lovely toes and feet along with pantyhose smothering involving the two slaves; house boy and Johnny Utah. Johnny winds up being left alone in a cold marble coffin to atone for his smart ass behavior. Order on line  Order phone or mail

Member's update: Brand new trailer from "A visit to Dr. Boss" Mistress Anastasia and the Boss dominate little 'suzie' with some alternative therapies. Very bizarre and humiliating! Inflatable nozzle enema, cascade enema, strap on play, spiting, surgical steel sounds, dildo training, catheterization, electro play and two diabolical golden showers in two different potty chairs. Extremely verbal throughout. For the medical enthusiast. Order on line  Order phone or mail 

Member's update: Brand new trailer from "Let it Rain"  Scene 1 opens in the school room with idiot pouring champagne for the Ladies. While idiot is catching gnats which are attracted to the sweet smelling champagne (it was a warm rainy summer day) the Ladies verbally humiliate him. The Ladies drink quickly and the burping begins. Even thought they are dressed like Ladies, there is nothing Ladylike about their behavior. Mistress Kat applies some makeup to idiot's face, and then Irene bends him over the punishment box for a single tail whipping. The Mistress share stories and belch loudly while this is going on. Scene 2: The action moves into the gothic dungeon where idiot serves again but must be lectured on proper wine etiquette. Irene pisses in a glass for idiot's refreshment. The Ladies begin spitting on idiot and pouring champagne on his breasts. Irene shoots champagne through a space in her teeth onto idiot's giant tits. Princess Kali shoots an enormous amount of piss onto idiot and idiot must roll in it. Irene pisses all over idiot's body and head. Mistress Kat in gray rubber keyhole dress with vampire collar, and then sexy thigh high stockings, corset, and heels with short skirt. Princess Kali in 2 lovely rubber dresses, first blue and then black with boots and Princess crown, Irene Boss first in blue rubber cat suit and then in lingerie, stockings and heels with veiled hat.  Order on line  Order phone or mail 

Member's update: Brand new trailer from "The Claiming of Orchid/Whipping of John" The most intense Female/male whipping scene imaginable! 3 scenes with 4 beautiful Mistresses, a female slave, and a male masochist. Presenting (the never before seen in an MIB Productions video) the onscreen debuts of: Lady Sage, Goddess Claudia, orchid and john. Filmed during the Ohio Leather fest in Columbus. A Compound on location extravaganza! 1). Our story begins when Boss and Friends - Lady Cheyenne, Goddess Claudia, and Lady Sage - decide to pay a little visit to a slut named orchid. Naughty orchid is put through her paces by Goddess Claudia and Lady Sage with severe genital torture and nipple play in some very interesting positions. orchid is very emotional and even cries at one point, which just encourages the Ladies even more! Boss and Cheyenne look on approvingly. 2). The 4 Ladies take on brat john with some incredibly heavy paddling, spanking, and whipping. Boss actually breaks a wooden paddle on his backside. All the Ladies take turns with this miscreant and Goddess Claudia and the Boss end this scene with a tandem bullwhipping on john's back and behind. 3). The Women return to orchid 'the bondage lovely'. she is restrained and tormented with electricity, and then placed in an arm binder with a gag and blindfold while the four Ladies go out to dinner. The sight of the naked orchid squirming on the leather coach while the 4 Ladies abandon her is something to be remembered! Order on line  Order phone or mail 

Others too naughty to mention here are in members right now!







Others too naughty to mention here are in members right now!