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This beautiful Guest Domina visited recently and made 3 new films - "A Hitch hikers Guide to the Compound", "Private Sessions with Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia" , and "The Buttcrack Pig"


You can be marked? Then how about a brand! MIB Productions - for all your pathetic needs!

* DVD 5 format
* Digitally mastered
* DVD Menus organized by *punishment
* Dolby surround sound
* # 1 Fem Dom DVDs on Yahoo and Google!
* Recommended by Doms!

Other new releases!

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What happened in September for members?

New Trailer Update Extravaganza!

Others too naughty to mention are in members right now!

"Irene Boss meets Ilsa Strix!"

Filmed on location in Los Angeles at the studios of G- Force. Boss and Ilsa take on submissive marnie to have 'conversations about art', and the body as sculpture. Ilsa and Boss begin by pontificating about what turns them on creatively - completely ignoring marnie the bondage lovely who is put to view nude on a Roman pillar. Marnie is eventually given an excruciating workout with tit torture, double flogging, intense genitorture, verbal admonishment, praise for good performance, and strap on dildo training in this sexy Girl/girl romp. marnie is placed in several very interesting bondage positions exposing her secret sexual anatomy for the lustful actions of the two decadent Mistresses. Boss and Ilsa in see through fetish clothes, leather, and military wear. Gorgeous corsetry! marnie is nude and accentuated by corset, stocking, and platform fetish boots all in animal print. Exotic makeup. Order on line  Order phone or mail



"The Unforgiven"

Filmed in 2 sequences, nearly a year apart to give the slave's ass time to heal completely! Madame Ginger Fyredanzer of New York City and Domina Irene Boss truly outdid themselves in this spectacular  journey into sadism and masochism. Scene 1: Slave Dave is extremely and severely whipped by the Mistresses, and then forced to lick off their boots! He is first suspended, and then bound over the punishment box. The Mistresses laugh a lot and Irene sneers right at the camera! Irene in black leather thigh high stiletto boots, shiny tights, spandex dress, black leather corset, and black leather executioner's hood. Madame Ginger Fyredanzer in black studded rubber body suit (swim suit cut) black leather stiletto calf boots, and black leather mask. Scene 2: Slave Dave is hoisted up in the air in a body harness Madame Ginger pierces his nipples with calipers and both Mistresses apply weights. His feet are whipped (bastinado) by Irene, and his nipples receive electro torture. More severe extreme whipping ensues (bullwhips and single tails) and you wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit down properly again. Clothespin torture, genital slapping, cbt (weights, clamps and electric) electric nipple play, and spanking with a stainless steel metal paddle takes place as well. Irene in silver rubber cat suit, black kid leather fetish platform ankle boots and black leather mask. Madame Ginger in black PVC cat suit, black PVC fetish platform knee boots, and feathered mask. This is guaranteed to be the severest whipping you have ever seen! Order on line  Order phone or mail

"Jail Bait"

A sullen slut sherri is taken from the jail cell and brought down stairs where 'she' is forced to provide service to slave jayne in the lobby (of all places). sherri is tied over the punishment bench in the Interrogation room and 'drilled' (strap on trained) by Boss while pleasing jayne. sherri wears virtual reality glasses, and you get to see what she sees. sherri is also placed in a tight leather arm binder and tied into the fetal position while she experiences electro hypno therapy, with more forced oral worship. Boss gets bored and decides to drill jayne too, who manages to 'spontaneously combust'. sherri is forced to eat jayne's cumbustion. Order on line  Order phone or mail 


"Tickle Treat Smell My Feet!"

little johhny made a tremendous mistake when he was given money by Mistress Morgana and Mistress Anastasia to buy shoes. Instead, johhny went to Victorias Secret and bought something for himself. After a 'discovery' and some intense verbal discipline from Mistress Morgana, he is soundly spanked with a skanky slipper and forced to study Mistress Anastasia's feet. The Ladies then make him strip, and 'model' the nasty 'used' shoes he bought at Goodwill. They decide a tickle punishment bondage regimen is in order, along with some foot smothering/sniffing at the end. The slave is placed in 3 very effective bondage positions, rendering his strategic anatomy completely helpless for the Ladies' tickle torture. Tight ropes, and large scale custom built bondage furniture. A complete mummification in saran wrap and duct tape finds our victim enduring forced foot/shoe worship and black stocking covered foot smothering, while the other Mistress mercilessly tickles his feet with her long nails and he cannot move an inch! Order on line  Order phone or mail


Others too naughty to mention are in members right now!


"Panty Boy!"

Louise D., Mistress Anastasia and The Boss discipline an errant male for surfing the net and masturbating. Smoking fetish - cigars. Dominas wear full leather in the interrogation room while the slave dances for Them in a pink t-back. Brutal caning/kicking/bullwhipping sequence as well. If you liked "Sent to The BOSS", then you will love this 3 against 1 extravaganza! The power these 3 Ladies have over this slave is amazing. For the smoking and kicking enthusiast. Order on line  Order phone or mail 


Others too naughty to mention are in members right now!


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