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What happened in February2003?

New video release:

"The Mark of Amazon"

Mistress Maria - updated information. She will be available again 2/27. Now is the time to schedule!


3 new hot and sexy friends galleries! Meet these stunning Ladies from Europe!

First streaming clip!

...and another clip from the new release!

Happy Valentines Day! I love you NOT! ha ha ha! Emails from freaks over the years - huge these and laugh so hard you will cry! Free belated Valentine's clip:

For Members:

Private session - then outing with TS josie. 

I was in a "bondage mood" that night, so I decided to give josie a " full meal". Lots of head bondage and creative ties. This was fun, as josie is a chatty cathy and had trouble yapping due to the positions. The new cross dressing parlor on the 3rd floor was put to good use while I posed my "model". voice wav...(3:45) see and hear the rest, become a member

All stressed out??

2 new Gorgeous Guest Galleries - Dominant Ladies spanking submissive girls - "English style" Discipline!

Post cards from the edge!

"Super slut star" josie goes to Hollywood!

Hot and sexy Rubber Women! Beautiful new gallery with Mistress Antoinette, naked whisper and Boss - 24 high resolution images! to see the rest in full size, become a member

I got a call the other day from a man who really "missed my voice", so I decided to DO something about that, and create tremendous audio files for you boys! I started with this narration of an "outing".

Club Davito: A story 6 minute narration voice .wav, and 12 photos:

I had an "itch to scratch"" and was in the mood for some public play (imagine that?) so I decided to take my web whore out on a date. I had heard about this place called "Club Davito" in Verona. I wanted to check it out for myself before referring anyone there as a local hot spot. I am really glad I went, because it was the most enjoyable public experience I have had in Pittsburgh in a long time. The staff was very friendly, and into the scene!

There was an interesting "garrote style" bondage chair I was able to make some good use of. I experimented with cigarette torture, cigar torture, cbt and nipple play, and even gave josie 'her' hormone shot, much to the amusement of ......voice wav (7:30) see and hear the rest, become a member

2 new Gorgeous Guest Galleries - Dominant Ladies spanking submissive girls - "English style" Discipline!

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