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What happened in January?

Slave report: A 5 day stay at the Compound!

Dog and horse training - human animals. 7.5 minute movie from "The mark of Amazon".

The Intruder returns! 20 images.

Updated information on - MIB Production's website for store owners and distributors.

More high resolution Chapel images. Come forth, my naughty Catholics and worship...14 new photographs!

Are you a slut whore exhibitionist? Do you want a free "video session"? Then get me a fuck machine, and I will order you to come in for a no time limit filmed extravaganza, where baby - you can be a star!

You will feel sorry for the slaves! 4 shorter clips (around 2 minutes each) for 56k. The ladies wear military costumes and gorgeous thigh high boots! This material is from the upcoming title: "The Mark of Amazon".

MIB Productions was at the AVN January 9th - 12th! 

There were 4 titles available for sale ($50 each) at the booth in DVD 5 format: 

The Female Disciplinary Manual, OWK American Style, Whipped by the Boss, and Rubber Grlz

Updated information on private sessions


7.5 minute outdoor whipping video (for DSL or greater), filmed in crisp November! Watch heavy single tail, bullwhipping, and caning, on two naked suspended slaves. Goddess Amazon of the Other World Kingdom and Irene Boss officiate. 

"The Intruder" - 30 images. Stunning Girl/girl bondage series in color and black and white. I waited until she was asleep one night and burst into her room with a bright flashlight. I knew she had been very tired that day as she was still dressed. I quickly grabbed her hands and placed them in thick leather mittens, and proceeded to tie her to the bed with black nylon rope, got out a pair of scissors, and cut all her clothes off. I slowly worked my tongue down her tied naked body and then see the rest, become a member