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Writing in members: "A little CP at the Compound"!

"Let's have some fun," said the email of the Mistress.  That sounded good.  However, the next part, "Let's do an hour of CP the night you arrive," sounded strange to me.  Corporal punishment, for me, has been, let's say, an acquired taste.  It was not something I sought initially.  In fact, I feared it.  However, under the tutelage of the Mistress, I have learned to love it.  Usually, however, it is not a stand-alone activity.  Usually, it puts me in my proper submissive place and reminds me of my weakness and the Mistress' power.   Often it is done to prepare me for an intenseā€¦.. read the rest in members


Ms Boss visited NYC February 2nd and 3rd, DC February 4th and Orange County: February 15th - 20th


"Pittsburgh Punisher / Tokyo Terror" 45 minutes

Irene Boss welcome Mistress Amrita all the way from Japan into her Pittsburgh dungeon to whip, crop and cane a slave. First he is placed in bondage on the whipping pillory. The Ladies wear silk shirts, boots, thick leather belts, and white jodhpurs. Pirate / Equestrienne play anyone? Gorgeous flowing long hair compliments their strict demeanor. He is peppered in clothespins for the Ladies target practice. They break out the bullwhip and signal whip to have some fun! The most stubborn clothespins are removed with riding crops. He is made to clean up the mess. Rotated face out with arms up on the pillory for round two, he must be rebound. Mistress Amrita scratches him and pokes his nipples. Ms Boss bullwhips his balls. OUCH! For flailing about he is then bent over the punishment box for a strong arm judicial style tandem caning from the 2 sadistic sirens. Next time he is going to remain absolutely still for whipping practice, because this is what happens!

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