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What happened in March:        

March 28: A walk down memory lane. from 1996 until today!

March 26th: The current bumbling of dumb dumb slave no mercy and his hilarious online humiliation assignments. He cant do anything right!

March 23rd: Emails from freaks, and nasty little faggots AGAIN! Is this your picture?

March 17th: Amazing clip from the new release "Super Concentrated Bitch" All alone on her birthday, this young lady decided to visit the Compound and pretend that she had a pre arranged audience with the Boss. Irene goes along with it at first for some fun, but then decides to interrogate the girl to find out the truth! The girl is found smoking by the window in the schoolroom, with the disposition of a brat! Very intense tickle torture in interesting bondage positions. She is tied to a chair, and then over a punishment box. The girl is face sat often and smothered as well before she gives up her secrets. Her clothes are ripped off by Irene. Good spanking scene too! Irene in 2 different military costumes, and slave girl in sexy garter belt, black stockings, and ballet bondage boots. For the bondage/tickle enthusiast!

March 14th: Watch and listen to the hilarious ongoing online humiliation of slut no mercy! Its been awhile, but he's back. I did a phone visit with him and recorded every word (for O/our amusement), so you can eaves drop on his *demise. Watch the video clips, read the stories and view the photographs! Treat yourself. Laugh until you cry. Its the month of madness, and you know you need it!

March 12: I know you are getting really sick and tired of looking at josie, so here is some sexy "girlie meat" to feast your eyes on! 25 pictures of Me tying up my hot little slave girl before I devour her!

March 2nd: New Release: "Super Concentrated Bitch"

March 8th: New Release: "Tickled Stan the stockroom sam"

March 12th: New Release: "Tickle Tortured Tranny"

2 new Gorgeous Guest Galleries - Dominant Ladies spanking submissive girls - "English style" Discipline!

New videos out of the edit room: "The Mark of Amazon", "Extreme Lessons in Bullwhipping", "The Female Disciplinary Manual"

March 5th: From the new release "Tickle Tortured Tranny"!

Watch me (Irene) throw a royal fit! "Josie" forgot to pick me up at the airport! I arrived at the downtown office to find out that josie had sold everything to buy "herself" cross dressing outfits, and I proceeded to destroy the suitcases and turned josie's ass a brilliant purple. Back at the Compound, I tickled tortured "josie" so mercilessly that "she" almost fainted from exhaustion. I wore professional business woman's attire (sexy) with 6 " black sky scraper patent leather heels, and had a costume change into a military outfit with high boots. "josie" wore several slut whore outfits.

6:23 clip for high speed connections, and 3 smaller clips for 56k. Outstanding quality!

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