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What happened in April 2003:

April 28th: josie the "easter slut" 22 high resolution images taken during a private session by me, Irene. Subject matters include: TS in lingerie, fetish heels, humiliation, bondage, electro play, hormone shot, nipple torture, dildo sucking, strapon, metal toys, cumbustion.


April 20th: Happy Easter!

April 23rd: 26 high resolution images The nasty nuns!


April 18th: 9 clips for 56k and 9 clips for high speed from "Goddess Claudia and the HeeHaw Bitch"

April 13th: 11 clips for 56k and 4 clips for high speed 

from the new release "Super Concentrated Bitch"

April 12th: 14 Fantastic high resolution images of Goddess Claudia towering over little johnny. From "Goddess Claudia and the Hee Haw Bitch"

April 8th: From the new release "Super Concentrated Bitch" 28 high resolution images

April 11th: You missed out slave! Mistress Denetra was here and she had a blast! Drool over her pictures. Subject matters include smoking fetish, uniforms, stockings, and shoe dangling. Divine Denetra - Central Indiana's own Black Power Goddess! 30 high resolution images

April 6th: From "Tickled Stan the Stockroom Sam"

3 high resolution 2 minute .rm clips!

April 2nd: From "Tickled Stan the stockroom sam"

Irene and her assistant are getting the distribution orders ready to go out after the AVN trade show. Stan has decided to do nothing, and gets rude and sassy with Christine and Irene. The Ladies decide to punish Stan with heavy bondage, tickling and very heavy spanking. Christine straps Stan's behind so hard she breaks Irene's razor strap! They tickle Stan so intensely he starts to cough from all the laughter. He is smothered by Irene in black pantyhose, while Christine continues tickling his helpless feet and strapping his exposed tender bottom. Merciless tickling, spanking, and bondage! High resolution gallery - 17 images!

April 3rd: From "Tickled Tortured Tranny

3 high resolution 2 minute .rm clips!

April 1st: From "Tickle Tortured Tranny"!

Watch me (Irene) throw a royal fit! "Josie" forgot to pick me up at the airport! I arrived at the downtown office to find out that josie had sold everything to buy "herself" cross dressing outfits, and I proceeded to destroy the suitcases and turned josie's ass a brilliant purple. Back at the Compound, I tickled tortured "josie" so mercilessly that "she" almost fainted from exhaustion. I wore professional business woman's attire (sexy) with 6 " black sky scraper patent leather heels, and had a costume change into a military outfit with high boots. "josie" wore several slut whore outfits. High resolution gallery - 20 images!

Mistress Denetra visited the Compound in April. You missed out slave!

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