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New so far - July:   

Kick butt trailers from the following new releases!

"The Boss's Bitch"

7/27 Clip - 3:59 Private session footage with the infamous slut josie. Watch scenes of josie taking it like a good whore. Electric dildos, electric cbt and electric nipple play. Lots of rubber and strap on play, with very creative predicament bondage cbt and nipple torture. The nova pro system is put to good use too! Watch Irene administer Josie's monthly hormone shot. Amazing strap on scene in the sit sling, and deep throat gagging action. Josie tries to take it all strapped to the new black leather bondage couch...There is a nice additional electrical bondage scene with josie strapped to a metal bed enduring many bazaar forms of CBT and nipple play, with a stunning cameo appearance with Goddess Claudia from South Florida. Very intense!

"Goddess Claudia and the heehaw bitch"

7/26 - Clip - 2:14 Strict discipline in the Compound's OWK room. Filmed by Boss and slave girl whisper. Watch Goddess Claudia give former Compound houseboy little johnny proper discipline for being late to his session. She had planned a sensuous session, but Johnny had disrespected her time. There is a lot of spanking and paddling in this video, as well as intense boot worship. Claudia wears gorgeous custom made corset and thigh high leather boots. There is a lot of humor! Find out the rest of the story! Excellent camera angles.

 "Irene Boss meets Mistress Denetra"

7/25 - Clip 3:13 The Boss and Denetra conquer former Compound houseboy "little johnny" with the most extreme tickling and brutal bondage imaginable! Highlights include: 2 Duct tape mummification bondage scenes with breath control, feet tickling, side tickling, nipple tickling, face sitting, and foot smothering. The Mistresses are very verbal throughout. Mistress Denetra is the Black Power Ultimatrix! Johnny is restrained over the punishment box so the Ladies can enjoy his tender back and bottom. He is spanked, humiliated about his dirty ass, and treated like a sissy fairy. He is very verbal and animated throughout. Intense play!

7/13: Video clips from the new release "Breaking the Rules"

 (Mistress Antoinette, Irene Boss and baby brat) 15 rm clips for 56K, and 13 rm clips for broadband. 

7/14: Also, a nice long trailer in both speeds!

7/1-7/11 - I was vacationing in St. Croix. Pictures coming soon!

Mimi Divine visited July 14th and 15th!

7/12: 36 fantastic high resolution images from the new video "Breaking the rules"

Nice girls who like spanking don't think about nasty painful S/M games right? Wrong! This new feature breaks all the rules! Red hot action. Mistress Antoinette's video debut at the Compound. Irene shares her girl toy for some inescapable bondage, tit torture, smothering, breast worship, and deep kissing with the slave girl - who is unable to move an inch - enduring intense torture. There is also some good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. Filmed in the gothic dungeon and schoolroom. Mistresses in black leather corsets, fishnets, see through cat suits and high boots. Slave girl nude. Spanking sequence features Mistresses in business women's attire and slave girl in tiny white see through bikini panties.

7/20: Writing - OWK stories. (I have been 6 times now!)


7/18: From BondCon NYC 2003! The Boss, Domina Skye and Delanno in distress. Great bondage pictures featuring suspension in ropes and leather! 28 images.

Domina Skye, whisper, Irene Boss, and delano

 7/15: Guest Gallery - fetish by Lady Alex! 

25 new images. Subjects feature enemas, spanking, OTK with hand, hairbrush and paddle. Strict school Mistress attire, diaper boy and panty boy, canes!

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