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Nunsence continues!

26 high resolution images

(Yes that is oral service, and those are black pantyhose...)

Do you like the new picture you saw on the main page? Well - there are a lot more of those inside! That picture is from the new video release: "The Boss's Bitch

"The Boss's Bitch" Private session footage with the infamous slut josie. Watch scenes of josie taking it like a good whore. Electric dildos, electric cbt and electric nipple play. Lots of rubber and strap on play, with very creative predicament bondage cbt and nipple torture. The nova pro system is put to good use too! Watch Irene administer Josie's monthly hormone shot. Amazing strap on scene in the sit sling, and deep throat gagging action. Josie tries to take it all strapped to the new black leather bondage couch...There is a nice additional electrical bondage scene with josie strapped to a metal bed enduring many bazaar forms of CBT and nipple play, with a stunning cameo appearance with Goddess Claudia from South Florida. Very intense!

32 high resolution images, 7 real media clips for broadband and 13 real media clips for 56k.

A slave's saga:

 My first visit to the Other World Kingdom (by slave dave)

Emails from freaks cont...Page 2!  Laugh so hard you cry.

Mistress Portrait Gallery! 

You missed out slave! Mistress Denetra was here in April and she had a blast! Drool over her pictures. 30 extremely high resolution images! Subject matters include posing in uniforms, jewelry, exotic shoes/boots, and serious attitude.        You know you need it! 

Divine Denetra - Central Indiana's own Black Power Goddess! 30 images

Again! From the new video release: 

"The Boss's Bitch

13 real media clips for broadband 

and 13 real media clips for 56k.

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