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Update for forced buy "shoppin' slaves" - a contest to get me a special pair of shoes!

44 images from the new title "For Women Only"

Do you have a crush on My Royal Ass, slave? Do you fantasize about worshipping it? Well, aren't you a little dreamer. Ha ha ha! New electric blue "rubber tease gallery"! 16 exceptionally high quality images.

Awwww what's wrong? Are the pictures too small? Well that's just too bad. You are going to have to pucker up and join, sonny!

Get in here now slave! My Friend Goddess Denetra and I would like to have a word with you! Hot gallery - 8 new high resolution images.

Hilarious humiliation - Josie's potato chip punishment. "She couldn't even eat just one..."

Visited recently: Betka Schpitz

2 Hilarious new video clips: slave no mercy getting on with "Inflatable Master Joe", Mistress Turkey and Master Pumpkin. Over 4 minutes each for 56k and DSL (or T1-T3 connections). Laugh until you cry! From "slave no mercy's Bachelorette Special"

Travel gallery - From my trip to St. Croix! 

34 images. 18th century historic jail cells and dungeons! (I stopped traffic in my skin tight black spandex catsuit too.)

Jim's online horror - he was loaned by another Mistress for me to do anything that I wanted, so I decided to put his session here online for you all to gawk at!

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