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23 high resolution images from the new video release "The Best of BondCon NYC" featuring: Irene Boss, Mistress Brianna, Princess Kali, Angelica and Whisper. Suspension bondage, forced bi (the 2 slave girls are tied face to face while they are disciplined) tickling, and spanking. Very exciting photographs!

Irene Boss, Porche Lynn, and whisper from the new release: "The Best of BondCon NYC35 images

Hot new video clip! "The Office

Do you ever wonder what I might be doing in my office, when I am not upstairs engaged in a professional domination session with you? I'll bet you are curious about the woman - Irene Boss, and what she does in her spare time when she is not dominating you? Well, I have a few *special employees (girls only) and like to sexually harass them. If they do a good *job there are usually rewards. It is not easy "working for me", you know. This young lady spent an hour under my desk that day. I figure since I am paying her this can't be illegal. I seriously doubt anyway that she would go to the labor board and complain about her "working conditions".


Long awaited title now available for purchase here! "Best of BondCon NYC" 

2 new Guest Galleries from Friends! Outdoor corporal, boot and shoe worship. Mistresses in street clothes, fetish wear, and tight jodhpur pants. 45 new pics. Sexy!

Hot new 5 minute clip from "The Best of Bond Con" See over a minute from each scene - this is quite an extravaganza featuring Irene Boss, Mistress Brianna, Domina Skye, Porche Lynn, Princess Kali, delano in distress, whisper, and angelica

Oh no - josie gets a hair color change - ala Ozzy Osborne, and a few other things too...Mawahahaha!

Hot video clips from the new release "For Women Only"!

Starring Mistress Antoinette, Irene Boss, and slave girl whisper. 

Oh how awful and completely embarrassing! You would never want to submit to this "Mistress", or would you? What if I stood there and laughed? LOL!

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